About Us

About Us

Our Story

Sausages and Cold Cuts

Ranchers Finest is a dynamic and pioneering start-up in the food and hospitality industry, emerging from the divestment of Sokoni Africa's meat production department. With over two decades of experience operating in Uganda, Ranchers Finest is now dedicated to becoming the foremost producer of high-quality sausages and meat cuts in the Great Lakes region.

Our Mission

At Ranchers Finest, our mission is to craft superior meat products sourced from Ugandan livestock, expertly catering to the local and regional market. Our primary objective is twofold: to elevate nutritional standards in Ugandan households and to drive economic growth by creating valuable employment opportunities.

Our Vision

Our vision at Ranchers Finest is to secure a leading position as the largest producer of top-notch sausages and meat cuts in the Great Lakes region.